History of LS Liverpool

Looking for the top-rated locksmiths in Liverpool ? We’ve been serving the greater Sydney area for over 20 years, and we’ve gotten rave reviews along the way. The reason for this is that we actually value our customers as opposed to treating them like a means to an end like so many other businesses do in this day and age. Our business started out as something much smaller than it is today: a college project that turned into a lifelong career for our founders and original associates. Now, we’ve hired the best locksmiths in the Sydney area to help make something great with us; it is amazing what can be accomplished with a little time and patience!

When you get right down to it, we believe in treating our customers right. From a purely robotic profit mode perspective, treating your customers kindly helps retain them and bring them back for future services, but we don’t think like robots, and we certainly aren’t primarily thinking about the profit motive here; it would be a lie to say that profit wasn’t one of our motivations, but it certainly doesn’t govern our business when compared to personal ethics and our treatment of our customers.

Our mission

We believe with all of our hearts the providing a great service for a great price is what makes our business successful; it is the secret sauce, if you will. We always try to be respectful to our customers, and never condescend them or their decisions, or their situation like so many other sarcastic techs do from other businesses. No one needs that when they are going through enough stress already by having to call locksmiths and spent a chunk of money in the first place. Granted, our prices are way below that of our competitors, but no one wants to spend money that they could’ve avoided spending in the first place if they hadn’t made a mistake; that feeling weighs on them, and it makes them feel foolish. The best thing to do in this situation is to simply solve the situation quickly for the customer and downplay how bad it may or may not be.

What primarily sets us apart from our competitors is that we really, really care about our conduct the point that we will lose out on profit to protect our reputation. There have been one or two times in history were customer was not satisfied, but wasn’t exactly in the right for trying to claim is 100% satisfaction guaranteed money back. Still, because we didn’t want to make trouble with, we decided to give it back to him. Months later, he felt guilty and returned the money to us. A little kindness goes a long way in communicating your intentions. The customer is always right, and if you govern your business by this principle, you will never fail. This is why we hope that you choose us for all of your future locksmithing related tasks. We would be more than happy to come out and help you.

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